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"To pay less than $10 per month for the professional design and hosting of my small business website was a provocatively simple and affordable way to quickly connect to and stay in touch with our patients."
Mary Ann Summers, Dental Executive

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"Before I switched to Ciaowebistes I paid $600 just for my website design and I was paying  $13 each month just to host the website. Now, I have Ciaowebsites  standard plan and I am paying a fraction of what I used to pay to my former hosting provider. This deal is incredible and I highly recommend it."

Bob Carville, Expert Car Repair

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"I teach at 3 community colleges in Massachusetts. I needed a way to make my teaching material available to students from all three collages but without having to upload the same material to each college account separately. Ciao Websites provided a perfect solution for me because it kept all the data under the same roof and under my total control."

Sami P. Rash, College Professor

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"I have a small conviniance store and I just needed a simple online presence. Something to point my advertisment to. I chose Basic Plan for less than $5 per month and I couldn't be more happier."

Kim Jones, International Foods Inc.

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"At first I was not sure if i should subscribe to Ciao Websites since I am not a computer expert and I was not sure what I really want. Ciao Websites setup was extremly simple, easy to understand and follow and above all it took less than one full hour to set it up. I highly recommend it."
Anne Weiland, Wood Working Business Owner

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